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Konkan : Unlimited Maharashtra's Hidden Treasure

In India when people talk about beaches , Goa , Kerala and Andamans ( Alibag or kashid for the urbaners )are first of the options or sometimes are the only options. With tourists flocking these places likes herds of wilder beasts , other options are worth exploring. So here are all the details of that other option… Konkan , Unlimited Maharashtra’s hidden treasure.
Konkan is a coastal part of Maharashtra starting from Mumbai and ending at the Goa border in south ( Goa is also considered as part of konkan ..atleast before independence) . The easiest way to identify konkan is its red soil unlike black soil dominant in rest of Maharashtra. There are numerous ways you can reach konkan , you can drive , ride a bike or a cycle or if you are a trekker just choose one of the N number of routes available for descent into the konkan.
The weather here is like any other coastal state in India, hot and humid but its slightly cooler than others because of the guarding western ghat mountain ranges . unl…