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Thipthipya ghat - kurdugad - lingya ghat

Monsoon is half finished , after some small treks we were eager for a big one . Jeetu ( jeetendra bankapure aka Dattu Tupe) started the mail trail two weeks back for thipthpya ghat ...from the name itself trek looked very offbeat ..havent heard this before from anyone I was in instantly so as Ninad Bartakke (12%) , Nitin Tidke ( tirke or tiduk ) .... pravin shelar(shelar mama) didn't bother responding. Jeetu has added few new faces to mail trail this time and those new faces added few more unknown faces which started asking questions like "what brand of biscuits we should carry for treks?? , are we going to have lunch at a restaurant on the way ??" super excited i say ..anyways we ignored. Jeetu finally ended the mail trail by issuing stern warning ..."if you dont reach by 4:30 , you will be left out!!".
                   Getting up at 3 am in the morning on friday night can be really annoying especially if you have biochemical weapons like bedbugs in your ro…