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Sin La Trek : Conquering yourself

“18023 ft sin la “, The number had my attention, Ajay kaka has just formed a WhatsApp group with all our trekking regulars calling for sin la trek in September. 18k ft would be the highest i have been while trekking but more than that it would be chance to reunite with the group on a Himalayan trek since our pin-parvati trek in 2015, good enough reason to confirm my participation. The other 20 for sure had the same reason. Himalayan pass at that height was surely not going to be a cake walk, next 4-5 months had to be spent on physical fitness. By August the list had come down from 20 to 12, we had approached Anit Sah to manage this trek for us. First and the most important task was to get the required permits, sin la is along the Kailash - mansarovar route, closer to Tibetan border hence we had to get a go ahead from the local authorities and ITBP. We had sent out filled forms with supporting documents to Anit so that they can be processed in advance. 14thSeptem
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Do's & Dont's in Manipur

Don’t compare with other north eastern states North eastern states have always fascinated me, I have firm belief that North eastern states are all about unending beauty and are a treasure box yet to be opened,   I started believing it more after my visits to Meghalaya and Sikkim. With the same belief I decided to plan for Manipur, well started with Nagaland but could not receive any response from any of the locals I tried to connect in Kohima hence had to concentrate on its neighbor. “Loktaak gaya hai ( been to loktak ?)   ” would be the common answer for the question , what are the places we can visit in Manipur , all the locals we spoke, refused to think beyond Loktak lake and we were already reconsidering our options on day two of the trip. The way we plan our trip is , we keep two days for a single location and that way Manipur was supposed to be 10 Days tour but on day one itself while walking on the busy streets of Imphal we realized we have already covered mos